Father’s Day 2024 UK: Date, Gifts, and Heartfelt Messages

Father’s Day 2024 UK is a special day dedicated to honoring fathers and father figures in the UK. It falls on a different date each year and is often celebrated with gifts, cards, and heartfelt messages. 

When Is Father’s Day 2024 UK

When is Father’s Day in the UK? Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. This year, Father’s Day 2024 in the UK falls on Sunday, June 16th. For 2025 specifically, Father’s Day UK falls on June 15th.

In the past, Father’s Day activities were relatively simple – giving dad flowers or just spending quality time together. Overtime, gifts for dad on Father’s Day have changed. People now have more choices for Father’s Day gifts from tech gadgets to personalised items, each gift  reflects dad’s interests and expectations.

20 Gifts For Father’s Day 2024 UK

With a wide range of gifts, this collection of gifts for Fathers Day 2024 UK from UKgifts.org caters to every dad’s taste and preference. For those in a hurry, explore our selection of last-minute gifts. If you have more time to spare, consider personalised gifts to give more sentiments to your father.

Tech Gifts For Dad Father’s Day UK

If your dad is a tech-savvy person, these tech gift guides are the best option for UK Fathers Day in 2024. 

  • New Ipad

Has your father’s iPad been running sluggishly lately with lagging performance? For Father’s Day 2024 UK, surprise him with the latest model iPad to revamp his tablet experience. Apple’s newest iteration packs a powerful punch with blazing-fast processing speeds, a stunning Retina display, and cutting-edge features that Dad is sure to love.

  • Smart Watches

From tracking fitness metrics and receiving notifications, to controlling smart home devices and making contactless payments – a smart watch is the ultimate accessory for the modern dad.

  • Massage Gun

These handheld percussion devices use pulsing motions to knead away knots and promote recovery after strenuous activity or long days on the job. 

Tech Gifts For Dad Father’s Day UK
Tech Gifts For Dad Father’s Day UK

  • Mini 6-Inch Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Despite its miniature size, this portable power tool packs enough punch to slice through branches, logs, and trim work with ease. Its cordless electric design allows for hassle-free operation without tangled wires getting in the way. 

  • Oral-B iO Series 7 Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B iO Series 7 utilizes gentle micro-vibrations and oscillating bristles to remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush. Show your father you care about his wellbeing this Father’s Day 2024 UK with this innovative electric toothbrush.

Useful Gifts For Dad On UK Father’s Day

Thinking about useful gifts that will make dad’s life easier and more enjoyable? These gifts for dad on Father’s Day in the UK 2024 will surprise him.

  • Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

For the father who spends long hours sitting at a desk or behind the wheel, a vibration massage seat cushion will knead away muscle tension and promote better circulation in the back, hips, and thighs by using soothing vibrations.

  • Cooling Bucket Hat

Cooling Bucket Hat will help your dad stay cool and protected from the sun during outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, fishing, or attending events like picnics or barbecues. This Father’s Day 2024 UK why not enjoy the day with these activities along with your dad?

  • Chill Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a stylish and practical gift to shield dad’s eyes from the sun’s glare. You don’t want to participate in an outdoor activity with your eyes closed right?

Useful Gifts For Dad On UK Father’s Day
Useful Gifts For Dad On UK Father’s Day

  • Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

This innovative pillow is designed with exceptional breathability, allowing air to circulate freely and preventing overheating throughout the night. Your đa will be cool and comfortable no matter what his sleeping position is.

  • Corkcicle Commuter Cup

Made by triple-insulated stainless steel, this cup can maintain piping hot or ice-cold temperatures for hours.

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas UK

Whatever you choose, adding that personal touch is a thoughtful way to celebrate Father’s Day 2024 UK.

  • Personalised Cushion

 When he needs to rest his head, this cozy keepsake will be right there providing support. Most of our customers often choose printed with a cherished family photo, an inside joke, or a meaningful quote on the cushion.

  • Personalised Keychain

A Personalised Keychain will keep your dad’s keys organized and easily accessible, and he can bring it anywhere he goes. This gift will pique your dad’s friends’ curiosity, giving him the perfect opportunity to proudly say, “That’s my daughter/son’s gift!”

  • Photo Father’s Day Mug

Choose a photo that captures the memory between you and dad such as a fishing trip or an outdoor picnic. Everytime dad uses the mug, it will remind him of beautiful memories.

Personalised Father's Day Gift Ideas UK
Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas UK

  • Personalised Vintage Photo Frame

The Personalised Vintage Photo Frame is our best-selling item for Father’s Day 2024 due to its ease of use and prompt delivery.  With simple customization options and quick processing times, this photo frame will be your Dad’s favorite gift this Father’s Day 2024 UK. 

  • Personalised Iphone Apple Watch And Airpods Stand

To keep your dad’s desk organized, an iPhone Apple Watch and AirPods Stand is the perfect gift for Father’s Day 2024 in the UK.  It also serves as a charging station, ensuring that his devices are always powered up and ready to use.

Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts UK

You forgot to buy Father’s Day gifts? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options available. 

  • Super Dad Mug

Dad is a hero in every person’s life, and a Super Dad Mug will celebrate Dad’s everyday heroics on Father’s Day in the UK 2024.

  • Moustache Grooming Set

Keep your dad tidy and sharp with the Moustache Grooming Set. This kit helps Dad’s moustache stay well-maintained and look good in his appearance.

  • Red Wine Bottle

Red wine is a symbol for celebration and what better to celebrate than Father’s Day? A red wine bottle and a family meal will create a warm and convivial atmosphere which helps family members close together.

Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts UK
Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts UK

  • Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau De Parfum

Perfume is the quickest gift you can buy at the last-minute for Father’s Day 2024 UK. The fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent Y EDP is anchored by a warm and woody base of cedarwood, ambergris, and Tonka bean that is perfect for dad. 

  • Bennett Winch Cardholder

Buy your dad a cardholder to keep essential cards organized and he won’t forget anything for important occasions. This UK Fathers Day in 2024, you can give him Bennett Winch Cardholder with a photo picture of you and him to make a more meaningful gift.

The Best Fathers Day UK Message

Father’s Day 2024 UK can’t go without the best messages and heartfelt Fathers Day cards. These messages are not only meaningful but also carry your deepest heart. 

  • You taught me how to be strong and stand on my own two feet. Thanks for everything Dad.
  • Happy Father’s Day Sorry for being a little troublemaker but let’s be honest, I’m an angel compared to my dad!
  • Dad, thank you for your time, which you give daily; your care, which you give freely and your love, which you give unconditionally. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Happy Father’s Day! You are an inspiration to so many people in your life. An amazing father, a role model and a superhero. I hope you have a day as special as you.
  • Dad, you’re one in a million, which are roughly the odds of everybody being ready and in the car when you want to leave.

The Best Fathers Day UK Message Can Come From Simple Words
The Best Fathers Day UK Message Can Come From Simple Words

  • Thanks for always sharing your midnight snacks with me after I said I wasn’t hungry.
  • Dad, you’ve always been the coolest. Like all those times you said ‘yes’ when mom said ‘no.’ Happy Father’s Day, Cool Dad!
  • It’s a bit of a cliché to say you’re the greatest dad in the world, so I’d say you’re definitely in the top 10.
  • To my amazing dad, thank you for always inspiring me to do my best in everything I do. I hope I’ve made you proud.
  • Thanks to you, my childhood was nothing but times of laughter and big smiles. Long may they continue!


As Father’s Day 2024 UK approaches, it’s time to celebrate Dad and all he does. With special gifts and meaningful messages from UKgifts.org, you will make Father’s Day in the UK 2024 more memorable than ever.