20+ Fathers Day Cards To Show Your Love

Fathers Day can be celebrated in several ways, but showing your love through Fathers Day cards is the easiest way. This time, we will introduce the best Father’s Day cards that are easy to make, cute and funny to choose, and also heartfelt cards from daughters.

What Day Is Father’s Day 2024?

When is Fathers Day UK? This special occasion, celebrated on the third Sunday of June, will be marked on June 16th, 2024. Whether you’re searching for the perfect card to express gratitude or share a meaningful message, there’s no better time to remind dad, grandfather or husband about their important role in our life than Father’s Day.

The Best Fathers Day Cards

With the best selection of cards for Father’s Day from UKgifts.org, we have easy Father’s Day cards ideas for you to make, or you can choose from these cute and funny designs to express your appreciation.

Easy Cards To Make For Father’s Day

These easy-to-do cards are designed for simplicity and sincerity that are perfect for expressing your gratitude and love on Father’s Day.

  • Popsicle Father’s Day Cards

Crafted with vibrant colors and charming facial expressions, these handmade Father’s Day cards are sure to bring a smile to any dad’s face.

  • Father’s Day Bookmark And Card

If your father loves reading, creating a unique, handmade bookmark would be a wonderfully thoughtful Father’s Day card idea. You can opt for his favorite book quotes to show how much you understand him.

  • Best Dad Father’s Day Card

For Fathers Day cards that truly stand out, you can make a trophy card or a tie card which is adorned with the title such as “The best Dad in the world”.

Easy Father's Day Card
Easy Father’s Day Card

  • Minion Greeting Card

Featuring the lovable yellow character and a punny message, “Dad, you’re 1 in a Minion!” these cards ideas for Father’s Day offer a playful and humorous way to celebrate Dad. 

  • Father’s Day Trophy Card

Imagine Dad has won the best dad competition, this trophy card for Father’s Day will show your pride and make him feel like a winner. 

  • Handprint Father’s Day Cards

These fun and creative handprint Father’s Day cards are perfect for kids to make as a heartfelt gift for Dad. It shows the cheerful orange and purple handprint designs that imitate friendly fishes swimming under the sea.

  • Pocket Square Card

Crafted in the shape of a pocket, you can personalize this Father’s Day card with symbolic items representing his profession, showcasing your appreciation for his dedication and hard work. 

Cute Fathers Day Cards

If you prefer a quicker way, looking at these cute Father’s Day cards ideas that can melt his heart.

  • Father’s Day Handy Dad Heart Card

This special Fathers Day card features a heart-shaped design filled with miniature tools, perfect for the handy dad in your life. You can make any figures based on your dad’s job to create a unique tribute to the skilled and caring.

  • Handprint Grill Father’s Day Card

Featuring cute handprints as flames on a BBQ grill and a heartfelt message inside, this card among cards for Father’s Day will celebrate Dad’s love for grilling.

  • Cute Dog Father’s Day Card

This is one of the happy Fathers Day cards that celebrates your beloved dog dad with a special Happy Father’s Day card adorned with the adorable face of his furry friend. 

Cute Fathers Day Cards for Dog Dad
Cute Fathers Day Cards for Dog Dad

  • Owl Father’s Day Card

Owl Father’s Day Card is uniquely designed in owl shape with two wings to cover heartfelt messages or adorable pictures. When your father opens two wings, he will notice the surprise behind.

  • Papa Bear Father’s Day Card

Our Papa Bear Father’s Day Card represents the protective shelter figure of dad that symbolizes the strength and warmth of him in every child’s life.

  • High Five Father’s Day Cards

For lasting memories, this High Five Father’s Day Cards will be a delightful DIY project perfect for kids to make. Children can simply dip their hand into watercolor and put it on an white card to create a special card.

Funny Cards For Father’s Day

With these funny Fathers Day cards, you can add a little humor to Father’s Day and make your dad laugh hard.

  • BBQ Father’s Day Card

Is your dad a BBQ King? Surprise him with this Happy Father’s Day BBQ King fold card with playful illustrations. And don’t forget to add a funny message inside to make him smile on this special day.

  • Mr Bean Father’s Day Card

Perfect for dads with a playful sense of humor, this idea for cards for Father’s Day uses a hilarious Mr Bean face to celebrate Father’s Day in an unique way.

  • Daddy Cool Card

Adorned with playful cartoon illustrations featuring sunglasses, let Dad know he’s the coolest with these unique and stylish Fathers Day cards that capture his laid-back vibe. 

Funny Cards For Father's Day
Funny Cards For Father’s Day

  • Beers For You Fathers Day Card

If your dad enjoys a good brew, our Beers For You Father’s Day Card is an ideal choice that includes vibrant illustrations of frothy beer mugs and bottles. 

  • Bank Of Dad Fathers Day Card

These cards ideas for Father’s Day humorously celebrate Dad’s role as a provider and financial support by displaying a baking card with dad’s name on it.

Fathers Day Cards For Dad From Daughter

Fathers and daughters always have special connections, and you can show your love to dad with our special Father’s Day cards gift guides.

  • Thanks For Always Supporting Me Fathers Day Card

No need for complicated messages, you can let Dad know how much his support means to you with this thoughtful card for Father’s Day, because it already has a short and simple thanks.

  • You Are My Hero Fathers Day Card

Dad is a hero in our life and these Father’s Day cards ideas have said it straightly by showing dad with capes, masks, and heroic poses, and his little daughter on his shoulder.

  • Little Princess Fathers Day Card

The king of your heart is no one else than your dad. Delightfully adorned with a crown and sweet sentiments, these Fathers Day cards are the perfect way to show that your dad is a gentle king.

Fathers Day Cards For Dad From Daughter
Fathers Day Cards For Dad From Daughter

  • Like Father Like Daughter Father’s Day Card

This unique card idea for Father’s Day captures the essence of sharing the same behaviors and interests between dad and daughter, making it a meaningful choice for expressing love and appreciation.

  • Best Dad Ever Personalised Father’s Day Cards

One of the best selling Father’s Day cards ideas of ours is this personalised Father’s Day card as you can use photos of you and dad for this card.

What To Say In A Father’s Day Card

Struggling with what to write in your Fathers Day cards? Let us help you find the perfect words to express your gratitude and love.

  • Happy Father’s Day to the man who wore my extra tiara at my tea parties and still treats me like a princess.
  • Not all heroes wear capes, and you are a hero of my life. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  • Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to ride a bike, tie my shoes, and chase my dreams.
  • I know every kid says this, but you’re the best dad in the world. I mean it. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Happy Father’s Day from your favourite daughter!

Heartfelt Father's Day Messages for Dad
Heartfelt Father’s Day Messages for Dad

  • You mean so much to me, Daddy. I love you with all my heart and wish you a Happy Father’s Day!
  • God took the strength of a mountain, the patience of eternity, and combined them to create the thing we call dad.
  • Thank you for giving fatherhood your all. You’ve made me the person I am today.
  • Thank you for all the many wonderful things you do… even the things I sometimes fail to notice.
  • I’m sorry if I’ve driven you a little crazy over the years. Okay, a lot crazy. It’s just because I love you.


In conclusion, whether you’re seeking something sentimental, funny, or personalized, our Fathers Day cards are the perfect way to convey your heartfelt messages. Father’s Day is coming near and don’t hesitate to grab your card as soon as possible.