What is Galentine’s Day: Origin, Meaning & Special Ideas

What is Galentine’s Day: Origin, Meaning & Special Ideas

Unlike Valentine’s Day’s focus on romantic love, Galentine’s Day shines a light on the unique and enduring bonds of female friendship. Join us as we delve into the heartwarming celebration of Galentine’s Day, exploring what is Galentine’s day, its origins, significance, and the myriad ways people honour the extraordinary women who make life brighter.

What Is Galentine’s Day ? – Origin and History of Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day, a celebration of female friendship occurring on February 13th, originated from the popular American television show “Parks and Recreation,” created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. The concept was introduced in the Season 2 episode titled “Galentine’s Day,” which first aired on February 11, 2010.

In the episode, Leslie Knope, portrayed by Amy Poehler, enthusiastically organises a brunch for her female friends on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, to celebrate their cherished bonds. Leslie describes Galentine’s Day meaning as “ladies celebrating ladies” emphasising platonic love and camaraderie among women.

  • Date: It is celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. This timing allows women to honour their platonic friendships before focusing on romantic relationships the following day.

Leslie describes Galentine's Day as "ladies celebrating ladies" emphasising platonic love
Leslie describes Galentine’s Day as “ladies celebrating ladies” emphasising platonic love

  • Purpose: Galentine’s Day is about celebrating the bond between female friends if you are wondering the purpose of what is Galentine’s day. It’s an opportunity to show appreciation for the women in your life and strengthen those connections through shared experiences and acts of kindness.
  • Traditions: Common ways of definition of Galentine’s day to celebrate Galentine’s Day include brunches, spa days, movie nights, or simply spending quality time together. Some exchange small Galentines gift ideas or tokens of appreciation to commemorate their friendship.
  • Inclusivity: While traditionally focused on female friendships, Galentine’s Day is inclusive and open to people of all genders. It’s a reminder to cherish and celebrate all types of friendships, regardless of gender.

Who Can Celebrate Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day, a charming concept popularised by the TV show “Parks and Recreation,” transcends boundaries of gender and relationship status, making the occasion – what is Galentine’s day a joyous celebration for all. It’s a day dedicated to honouring the incredible women in our lives, whether they’re friends, family members, colleagues, or mentors. The essence of Galentine’s Day lies in appreciating the unique bonds shared among women and recognizing the support, love, and laughter they bring into our lives. It’s a time to express gratitude for the strength, empathy, and companionship that female friendships provide, fostering a sense of solidarity and empowerment.

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Regardless of gender, personal background or definition of galentine’s day, anyone who values and cherishes the friendships they have with women can participate in Galentine’s Day festivities. It’s an inclusive occasion that encourages people to celebrate the diverse array of relationships they have with the important women in their lives. Whether it’s through heartfelt conversations, thoughtful gestures, or fun-filled gatherings, Galentine’s Day offers an opportunity to express affection and appreciation for the remarkable women who enrich our lives every day.

How to Celebrate Galentine Days

Galentine’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to find out what is Galentine and celebrate the special bonds of friendship with the incredible women in your life. To celebrate this day, consider organising a gathering with your closest female friends. It’s all about spending quality time together and showing appreciation for each other’s company.

Party Theme Ideas Suitable for the What is Galentine’s Day Theme

Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating the wonderful bonds of friendship with the amazing women in your life. Here are some party theme ideas that perfectly capture the spirit of Galentine’s Day:

  • Parks and Recreation Tribute

Pay homage to the show that popularised Galentine’s Day by throwing a Parks and Recreation-themed party. Decorate with what is Galentine’s day quotes and images from the show, and serve Pawnee-inspired snacks like waffles and whipped cream. You could even have a Leslie Knope-inspired gift exchange to honour your friends in true Pawnee style.

  • Brunch Bonanza

Host a fabulous brunch party complete with mimosas, pastries, and all your favourite brunch foods. Set up a mimosa bar with various juices and fruit garnishes, and encourage guests to mingle and enjoy each other’s company over a delicious spread.

  • Galentine’s Galore

Create a Galentine’s Day wonderland with decorations in shades of pink and red, heart-shaped balloons, and glittering lights. Set up a photo booth with fun props and backdrops for memorable snapshots, and treat your guests to sweet treats like cupcakes and chocolates.

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  • DIY Spa Soiree

Pamper your pals with a DIY spa party where they can relax and unwind together if you are considering how to celebrate Galentine’s day. Set up stations for facials, manicures, and massages, and provide luxurious spa treatments like homemade face masks and sugar scrubs. Don’t forget to add soothing music and aromatic candles to create a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Wine and Cheese Night

Indulge in a sophisticated evening of wine and cheese tasting with your closest friends. Set up a tasting station with a variety of wines and cheese pairings, and encourage guests to explore different flavour combinations while sharing about what is Galentine’s day stories and laughter.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Dance Party

Turn down the lights and crank up the music for a glow-in-the-dark dance party that’s sure to be a hit. Provide glow sticks, neon face paint, and glowing decorations to create an electrifying atmosphere, and let loose on the dance floor with your favourite gal pals.

  • Friendship Fiesta

Celebrate friendship with a festive fiesta featuring delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine and colourful decorations. Serve tacos, nachos, and margaritas, and invite guests to join in lively games and activities like pinatas and salsa dancing. Viva la amistad!

Items You Should Prepare for A Galentines Party

Hosting a Galentine’s Day party requires some preparation to ensure a memorable and enjoyable event for you and your guests, especially for the guests who haven’t known “What is Galentine’s day?”. Here are essential items you should prepare:

  • Decorations Items

Transform your space into a festive Galentine’s Day wonderland with decorations like heart-shaped balloons, garlands, banners, and floral arrangements in shades of pink, red, and white. Consider adding touches of sparkle and glitter to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

  • Tableware

Set the table with chic and stylish tableware, including plates, cups, napkins, and utensils in coordinating colours or themed designs. Opt for disposable options for easy cleanup, or use reusable tableware for an eco-friendly approach.

  • Party Favours

Show appreciation for your guests with thoughtful party favours that reflect the spirit of Galentine’s Day. Consider gifting small tokens like scented candles, bath bombs, chocolates, or personalised trinkets that your friends can cherish as mementos of the celebration.

  • Activities and Games Gadgets

Keep the fun going with a selection of activities and games gadgets to entertain your guests. Provide board games about what is Galentine’s day, card games, or DIY craft stations for creative expression and friendly competition. You could also incorporate technology with gadgets like karaoke machines, photo booths, or gaming consoles for interactive entertainment.

Keep the fun going with a selection of activities and games gadgets to entertain your guests
Keep the fun going with a selection of activities and games gadgets to entertain your guests

  • Photo Opportunities

Create Instagram-worthy photo opportunities with a designated photo booth area complete with props, backdrops, and lighting. Encourage guests to capture memorable moments throughout the party and share them on social media using a custom hashtag to document the festivities.

  • Return Gifts

Consider sending your guests home with thoughtful return gifts of what is galentine’s day definition to thank them for attending your Galentine’s Day party. Choose unique gift ideas to complete your way of how to celebrate galentine’s day that are meaningful and practical, such as personalised tote bags, candles, chocolates, or handwritten notes expressing gratitude for their friendship.

  • Comfortable Seating

Ensure your guests feel comfortable and relaxed by providing ample seating options throughout the party area. Arrange cosy seating areas with sofas, chairs, floor cushions, and blankets to accommodate different preferences and encourage conversation and mingling among friends.

Activities You Can Organise at Galentine’s Party

Make your Galentines Day party unforgettable with a variety of fun and engaging activities of what is Galentine’s day that celebrate friendship and camaraderie. Here are some ideas:

  • Galentine’s Day Gift Exchange

Encourage guests to participate in a Galentine’s Day gift exchange where they can exchange small tokens of appreciation with each other. Set a budget and theme for the gifts, such as handmade items, self-care goodies, or sentimental trinkets, to add a personal touch to the exchange.

  • Photo Booth Fun

Set up a photo booth with props, backdrops, and selfie sticks for guests to capture memorable moments with their friends. Provide fun and festive props like heart-shaped glasses, boas, and signs with Galentine’s Day-themed phrases to add a playful touch to the photos.

  • Pampering Session

Treat your guests to a pampering session with DIY spa treatments like facials, manicures, or massages. Set up stations with skincare products, nail polish, and massage oils, and encourage guests to indulge in some self-care relaxation while bonding with their friends.

Treat your guests to a pampering session with DIY spa treatments like facials, manicures, or massages
Treat your guests to a pampering session with DIY spa treatments like facials, manicures, or massages

  • Games and Trivia

Organise games and trivia challenges to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the party. Choose games that encourage teamwork and friendly competition, such as charades, what is Galentine’s day questionsPictionary, or Galentine’s Day-themed trivia questions about friendship, pop culture, and memorable moments shared with friends.

  • Cooking or Baking Class

Host a cooking or baking class where guests can learn how to make delicious treats together. Choose recipes for desserts like heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes, or chocolate fondue, and provide ingredients, equipment, and instructions for guests to follow along and create tasty treats to enjoy together.

  • Dance Party

End the night with a dance party where guests can let loose and show off their moves on the dance floor. Create a playlist with upbeat and empowering songs that celebrate friendship and female empowerment, and encourage guests to dance, sing, and celebrate the bonds of sisterhood with their friends.

Unique Return Gift Ideas for Guests on Galentine’s Day

Show appreciation for your guests on Galentine’s Day with thoughtful and unique return gifts of what is Galentine’s day that celebrate friendship and camaraderie. Here are some creative unique gift guides ideas:

  • Customised Friendship Bracelets

Give each guest a customised friendship bracelet with their initials or a special message of definition engraved on it. Friendship bracelets symbolise the bond between friends and serve as a meaningful keepsake of your Galentine’s Day celebration.

  • Personalised Pillow

Gift your guests a personalised pillow featuring a photo of your group of friends or a heartfelt message expressing your gratitude for their friendship. Every time they use the pillow, they’ll be reminded of the special memories shared at your Galentine’s Day party.

  • Personalised Love Yourself Mug

Treat your guests to a personalised “Love Yourself” mug adorned with empowering messages of what is Galentine’s day or uplifting quotes. Encourage them to start each day with a cup of self-love and appreciation for the amazing women in their lives.

Treat your guests to a personalised "Love Yourself" mug adorned with empowering messages of what is Galentine's day
Treat your guests to a personalised “Love Yourself” mug adorned with empowering messages of what is Galentine’s day

  • Scented Candle Making Kit

Give your guests a scented candle making kit complete with essential oils, wax, wicks, and decorative jars. DIY candle making is a fun and therapeutic activity that allows your friends to unleash their creativity and create custom candles to light up their homes with warmth and fragrance.

  • DIY Bath Bomb Kit

Provide your guests with everything they need to make their own luxurious bath bombs at home. Include ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, essential oils, and moulds, along with instructions for crafting soothing bath bombs that promote relaxation and self-care.

  • Friendship Plant Exchange

Organise a friendship plant exchange where guests can swap small potted plants as symbols of growth, resilience, and the enduring nature of friendship. Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants that are easy to care for and will thrive as reminders of your bond with your friends.


As Galentine’s Day continues to gain recognition and popularity, it serves as a reminder of the importance of celebrating the bonds of friendship that enrich our lives. Whether through intimate gatherings with close friends or festive events filled with laughter and joy, Galentine’s Day offers a meaningful opportunity to express appreciation for the remarkable women who support and inspire us each day.

So, as February 13th approaches, let us embrace the spirit of Galentine’s Day wholeheartedly. Let us take the time to introduce to you what is Galentine’s day and cherish the incredible women in our lives, to express gratitude for their presence, and to celebrate the beautiful connections that bind us together. In doing so, we honour the essence of Galentine’s Day and reaffirm the enduring strength and beauty of female friendship.