Professional Solution on How to Wrap Circular Gift Easily 

how to wrap circular gift

I stared down the beautifully decorated circular hat gift box, dismayed at how my clumsy how to wrap circular gift attempts left wrinkled paper and messy seams. But after finding some clever geometric folding tips online, I finally figured out how to tightly wrap cylindrical tins, round containers, and other awkwardly shaped items. Soon I had a stack of perfectly packaged orb and cylinder presents ready for giving.

how to wrap circular gift
how to wrap circular gift

Things You Will Need To Wrap a Circular Gift

Delve into the art of how to wrap circle gift, gather a few essential tools to ensure a smooth process. Having quality wrap, tape, a tape dispenser, and scissors on hand is crucial for a satisfying and enjoyable Christmas wrapping experience.

  • Eco-friendly wrapping paper: Opt for environmentally friendly wrapping paper to align with sustainable practices.
  • Decorative items such as tags or ribbons: Enhance the visual appeal of your circular gift with decorative touches.
  • Scissors: A reliable pair of scissors is essential for precise cutting.
  • Biodegradable washi tape: Choose eco-friendly tape to secure your wrapping in an environmentally conscious way.

Tips and Tricks for How to Wrap Circular Gift Object

Mastering the art of circle gift wrapping  requires a set of tips and tricks to make the process seamless.

The Pleating Wrap Method

Do you want to up your wrapping game and make it look like the work of a pro gift wrapper? Whether you want to learn how to wrap a round box or how to wrap a disc shaped gift, this pleating wrap method will help. 

  • Measure the radius and height: Begin by measuring the radius and height of the gift box.
  • Cut the wrapping paper: Cut a piece of wrapping paper that’s three times the box’s circumference and 3 inches taller than its height.
  • Wrap and secure: Wrap the paper around the box, leaving extra edges on both sides, and secure it with double-coated tape.
  • Pleat the additional edges: Fold the additional edges using the pleating method on both sides.
  • Finishing touches: Cut a small round shape from the wrapping paper and place it in the middle on top of the pleat ends. Tie a ribbon around the wrapped present for a polished look.

The Pleating Wrap Method
The Pleating Wrap Method

A Paper Bouquet

Are you wondering how to wrap a circular gift like a basketball or cricket ball? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a really cool method that will make your gift look like a beautiful bouquet. 

  • Measure the circumference: Measure the circumference of your circular gift.
  • Select wrapping papers: Choose 2 to 4 different colored wrapping papers for an appealing bouquet.
  • Cut the papers: Cut each paper in varying sizes, with the outermost paper being twice the size of the gift’s circumference.
  • Layer the papers: Place each paper on top of the smaller one, with the circular object in the center.
  • Create a bouquet shape: Pull up the paper stack from every side and twist the pulled-up edges to give the papers a bouquet shape.
  • Final touches: Tie a beautiful colored ribbon and make a nice bow to enhance the overall presentation.

The Twisting Method

Wondering how to wrap a cylindrical gift, perhaps a bottle of wine? You can employ a variation of the paper bouquet method, but for a quick and straightforward approach, try the twisting method. No need for multiple colored wrapping papers with this technique.

  • Measure and cut the paper: Measure the length of the cylindrical object and cut the wrapping paper to be 3.5 inches taller than its length. Ensure you leave an inch of paper underneath when placing the object on it.
  • Roll and create pleats: Roll the paper around the object, creating pleats with the edges underneath.
  • Twist the long edge: Once you’ve created the pleats, twist the long edge of the wrapping paper, similar to twisting a candy wrapper.
  • Tie a ribbon: To complete the look, tie a ribbon around the twisted area for an elegant finish gift wrap with ribbon

The Twisting Method
The Twisting Method

Roll Wrapping Method

For a delightful way to present chocolate candy balls to kids on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween, try the roll wrapping method to solve the question of  how to wrap circular gift.

  • Prepare tissue paper: Grab two pieces of gifting tissue paper and place a candy chocolate ball or round fruit onto them.
  • Roll and tie: Roll up the paper over the gift item and tie a ribbon on both the front and end sides.
  • Repeat for others: Repeat the process for the remaining candies or fruits, leaving extra edges on the front and end of the paper to enhance the wrapping beauty.

Roll Wrapping Method
Roll Wrapping Method

Outer Gift Box Method and Gift Bag Method

If you find wrapping tricky, buy a round gift box from a department store as a shortcut for how to wrap circular gifts. First, measure your present to ensure the box accommodates it.

It’s no problem if the box is larger than the round object since you can secure the gift inside using bubble wrap or tissue paper. Put the present in the box, close the top, and tie a ribbon around it. You can also paint the box to personalize it.

Similarly, if you’ve bought a last-minute gift but lack wrapping materials for how to wrap circular gifts, a paper gift bag simplifies things. You don’t have to measure, wrap or fold anything with this method. Just ensure the bag is large enough to fit the round gift item inside. Add tissue paper to fill excess space if needed before finishing with a beautiful bow.

Outer Gift Box Method and Gift Bag Method
Outer Gift Box Method and Gift Bag Method

Revealing Secret Tips for A Perfect Guide on How to Wrap Circular Gift

Knowing how to wrap circular gifts like round balls or cylindrical containers can seem tricky, but have no fear – anyone can master the skill with the right supplies and techniques. Follow these secret tips for flawlessly wrapping presents of all shapes and sizes.

  • Choose a strong, durable wrapping paper in an intricate pattern, if possible, which will help hide any mistakes you make while wrapping. Opt for thick, high-quality paper over thin so it doesn’t tear when molded to rounded surfaces. Florals and paisleys do a great job disguising uneven folds.
  • Add an extra touch by wrapping the gift in a tea towel, scarf, or bandana instead of traditional wrapping paper. Not only does the unexpected texture and material make your present pop, but pivotable fabrics conform well to circular objects without strict folding. Consider incorporating elements that reflect the recipient’s hobbies or tastes.
  • Put the round or irregular shaped object in a gift bag with tissue paper rather than attempting to wrap it. This foolproof method allows you to forgo measurements, tricky folds, and taping frustrations. Simply ensure the bag size accommodates the gift, stuff tissue around it to prevent shifting, finish with a beautiful ribbon or bow tie for a polished look. Voila!

By refining your skills, you’ll not only enjoy the process more but also ensure that each gift is beautifully presented. Save these valuable tips and methods for later use, creating a go-to resource for all your future wrapping endeavors. Whether it’s birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, the knowledge of how to wrap circular gifts will undoubtedly elevate your gift-giving game.