Unique Horse Gifts for Girls for A Galloping Good Time!

horse gifts for girls

Experience the joy of gifting with extraordinary horse gifts for girls, tailored to create moments of wonder and delight. Whether it’s personalized equestrian treasures or whimsical accessories, each gift is chosen to spark a lifelong love for horses. Make every occasion memorable by selecting gifts that resonate with the unique connection between the girl and her equine companion.

perfect gift idea for a girl who loves horse
perfect gift idea for a girl who loves horse

Top 15+ Unique and Cool Horse Gifts for Girls 

Looking for the perfect gift for the horse-loving girl in your life? This guide covers over 15 gifts for horse lovers – unique and cool horse-themed gifts sure to delight any equine enthusiast.

Stunning Horse Gifts for Your Beloved

From jewelry to decor, we’ve curated stunning horse gifts for that special horse girl in your life – your girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend.

  • Horse Bit Ring Sterling Silver: Elevate your equestrian style with the Horse Bit Ring Sterling Silver. This exquisite ring adds a touch of equine elegance, making it a perfect choice among horse gifts for girls. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it captures the spirit of the noble horse in a stunning sterling silver design.
  • Golden Horseshoe Crystal Necklace: Adorn yourself with the delicate beauty of the Golden Horseshoe Crystal Necklace. Featuring petite gold-plated sterling silver and inset crystals, this pendant measures 7mm x 8mm. It’s a charming accessory that resonates with the grace of horses, making it one of the best gifts for a horse girl.

Golden Horseshoe Crystal Necklace
Golden Horseshoe Crystal Necklace

  • Life Charms Lucky Horseshoe Gold Stud Earrings: Share the gift of good luck with the Life Charms Lucky Horseshoe Gold Stud Earrings. These elegant gold-plated studs, adorned with CZ stone detailing for a delicate sparkle, are a thoughtful choice for any rider. Packaged in a smart box, these earrings are ready to bring a touch of luck to the lucky recipient, especially among the best horse gifts for little girls.

Coolest Horse Gifts for Your Little Explorer

Let your horse-obsessed little one’s imagination run wild with the coolest horse-themed gifts for girls.

  • Melissa and Doug Horse Care Play Set: Foster the love for horses with the Melissa and Doug Horse Care Feed and Groom Play Set. This delightful playset, containing 23 pieces, invites your little explorer into a world of imagination where they can cuddle, feed, and care for their plush pony. A perfect choice among horse gifts for girls, this set sparks creativity and nurturing play.
  • Hy Equestrian Thelwell Ponies: Brace yourself for double trouble with Penelope and Kipper from Hy Equestrian Thelwell Ponies. Known for their mischief in the Thelwell community, this duo brings joy and adorable chaos. Kipper’s soft coat makes for delightful brushing sessions and cozy bedtime stories—a cool and whimsical addition to cool horse gifts for girls.

Hy Equestrian Thelwell Ponies
Hy Equestrian Thelwell Ponies

  • Pippa Horse Riding Mouse: Meet Pippa, the adventurous Horse Riding Mouse from Sew Heart Felt. Crafted with precision through needle felting, Pippa is a sculpted and realistic little animal, each with its unique character. Delivered in a charming cardboard box, Pippa is not just a gift; she’s an artisan piece, a perfect gift idea for a girl who loves horses and appreciates craftsmanship.

Pippa Horse Riding Mouse
Pippa Horse Riding Mouse

Trendsetting Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

Update her horse style with trendy equine accessories, apparel and more. Here are the most horse gifts for girlfriend  and other trendsetting horse gifts for girls will adore.

  • White Horse Floral Napkin: Elevate the dining experience with the elegance of the White Horse Floral Napkin from Patch NYC. This linen napkin showcases majestic horses and intricate floral details in a harmonious palette of soft, warm colors. A sophisticated choice among horse gifts for girls, adding a touch of style to any dining table.
  • Jockey Horse Racing Bourbon Glass: Get ready for the races with the Jockey Horse Racing Bourbon Glass—a vibrant addition to your barware collection. Featuring four jockeys in bold silks of Orange, Blue, Green, and Red, each glass is finished with gold metallic rims. A lively and unique choice for gifts for a horse-loving girl who appreciates both spirits and the thrill of the track.

Jockey Horse Racing Bourbon Glass
Jockey Horse Racing Bourbon Glass

  • Post Parade Horse Racing Silk Scarf: Unveil the beauty of Thoroughbreds with the Post Parade Horse Racing Silk Scarf. Against a soft pink backdrop, these horses shine, complemented by a snaffle bit border for added charm. A wearable work of art, this scarf is a remarkable gift for both the horse lover and horse racing fan, standing out among gifts for girl horse riders.

Post Parade Horse Racing Silk Scarf
Post Parade Horse Racing Silk Scarf

Building Bonds Through Horse-Centric Hobbies

Embark on a delightful journey of connection and camaraderie with your horse-loving friends. Strengthen the bond with these enchanting horse-centric hobbies that promise shared moments of joy and discovery:

  • Trail Trotting Adventures: Plan a weekend trail ride adventure, where the rhythmic hoofbeats and the serenity of nature create a perfect backdrop for heartfelt conversations. As you navigate winding trails together, the shared thrill of exploration fosters a deeper connection, making it an ideal gift idea for a girl who loves horses.
  • Equine Artistry Sessions: Gather your horse-loving companions for a day of creative expression with horse-themed painting or crafting. Delve into the world of artistry, allowing each stroke to mirror the unique bond between girls and horses. These sessions not only result in beautiful creations but also serve as cherished mementos, making them wonderful horse gifts for girls.
  • Horse-Whisperer Workshop: Attend a horse communication workshop to delve into the art of understanding and connecting with these majestic animals. Through expert guidance, girls can unlock the secrets of equine communication, strengthening the bond between them and the horses. This unique and educational experience transforms the way they interact with their equine friends, making it an insightful and valuable gift idea.
  • Equine Yoga Retreat: Arrange a horse-inspired yoga retreat, where the gentle presence of horses enhances the practice of mindfulness and relaxation. The combination of equine companionship and yoga fosters a sense of tranquility, creating a space for shared reflection and rejuvenation. This holistic experience goes beyond the ordinary, providing memorable horse gifts for girls seeking both physical and emotional well-being.

Horse-Themed Room/Party Decor Ideas

Transform any space into a haven of equestrian enchantment with these delightful horse-themed room/party decor ideas. Whether it’s a bedroom or a party venue, infuse the magic of horses into every detail, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the joy of a girl who loves horses:

  • Carousel Dreams Wall Mural: Adorn the walls with a carousel-inspired mural featuring whimsical horses in vibrant colors. This captivating masterpiece not only adds a touch of fantasy but serves as a perfect backdrop for creating precious memories, making them horse gifts for girls.
  • Trotting Table Centerpieces: Craft table centerpieces using miniature horse figurines in dynamic trotting poses. Pair them with fresh flowers or greenery to bring a touch of nature indoors, creating a charming focal point for any room or party venue. These trotting table centerpieces not only capture the essence of horses but also serve as unique and eye-catching decorations, doubling as memorable horse gifts for girls.
  • Horseshoe Garland and Fairy Lights: String horseshoe-shaped garlands intertwined with fairy lights across the room or party space. This enchanting combination adds a warm, magical glow reminiscent of starlit stables, creating an atmosphere of coziness and celebration. The horseshoe garland and fairy lights make for versatile decorations that can easily transition from room decor to party accents, offering a practical and delightful touch to any horse-themed setting.

Wrapping up the story, whether you’re searching for horse gifts for girls who adore playful ponies or sophisticated equestrian delights, our selection offers a perfect blend of style and functionality. Feel free to read back and explore the diverse range of options, ensuring you find the perfect gift for the horse enthusiast in your life.