20+ Best Funny Gifts For Grandma To Bring Her Joy

Funny grandmother gifts

Funny gifts for grandma are the perfect way to put a smile on her face and show her how much you cherish her sense of humor. This article will list the best funny grandmother gifts for you to choose, from practical choices to personalized ones. Continue reading for more details!

Can You Present Funny Gifts For Grandma?

Funny gifts for grandma
Funny gifts for grandma

Certainly! Funny presents are great grandma gift ideas to bring laughter and joy into her life. Here are a few reasons why funny grandmother gifts can be a wonderful choice:

  • Enhancing emotional well-being: Laughter is a natural stress reliever and can help reduce anxiety. By giving a funny gramma gift, you can bring a smile to her face and create laughter-filled moments that can positively impact her physical and emotional health.
  • Strengthening bonds: Sharing a laugh over a funny grandma present can strengthen your relationship, making her feel loved and connected. It is a way to share joy and affection, creating cherished memories together.
  • Encouraging activity and engagement: Funny gifts for grandma often encourage playfulness and interaction. Whether it’s a game, a puzzling novelty item, or something that evokes a funny memory or story, these gifts can keep grandma engaged and active. They encourage her to share the humor with others, fostering social interactions and keeping her mind active and sharp.

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Funny Gifts for Grandma To Choose From

Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, here are some funny gift ideas for Grandma that are sure to bring a smile to her face:

Gold Accessories For Grandma

Funny gifts for grandma
Funny gifts for grandma

Here are ten gold accessories that can serve as funny gifts for grandma. They can also be birthday gifts for grandma as they offer elegance to help her shine.

  • Gold-Plated ‘Queen of Everything’ Crown Brooch: This cheeky brooch is a funny grandma gift that playfully acknowledges her status as the queen of the family. It’s perfect for adding a regal touch to her everyday outfits or special occasions.
  • Customized Gold Charm Bracelet with Family Initials: Incorporate a touch of humor by adding quirky charms that reflect funny inside jokes or family stories, making it a meaningful yet funny gift for grandma.
  • Gold ‘Hot Grandma’ Pendant Necklace: These fun and flirty necklace celebrates her charm and style, making them standout funny gifts for grandma that complements her lively personality.
  • Gold Wine Glass Charms: Each charm can feature a humorous saying or image, ideal for the wine-loving grandma who enjoys hosting. It’s a practical yet funny grandma gift that’s sure to spark laughter at her next gathering.
  • ‘Still Got It’ Gold-Plated Cufflinks: For those who loves a touch of masculine style, these funny gifts for grandma humorously affirm that she’s still got her flair and wit, blending sophistication with a wink.

Gold jewelry as funny gifts for grandma
Gold jewelry as funny gifts for grandma

  • Gold-Plated Spectacle Chain with Humorous Accents: Adorn her glasses with a gold chain that features small, humorous figurines or messages, adding a dash of fun to a practical item.
  • ‘Secret Ingredient’ Gold Spoon Necklace: This necklace, shaped like a tiny spoon and engraved with “Love,” jokes about her cooking prowess being her secret ingredient, making it a sweet and funny gift for grandma.
  • Gold Toe Ring with Playful Designs: Opt for toe rings with playful designs like smiley faces or cute animals. It’s a funny grandma gift for those who enjoy summer styles and a bit of unconventional jewelry.
  • ‘Vintage Model’ Engraved Gold Watch: Engrave a beautiful gold watch with “Vintage Model” to humorously nod at her age with affection and admiration, making it both a luxurious and funny grandmother gift.

Customized Funny Photo Album Gifts For Grandma

Funny gifts for grandma
Funny gifts for grandma

These customized funny photo albums offer a unique and personal way to celebrate your grandma, ensuring each page turns up fun and fond memories!

  • “Through the Years with Laughter” Timeline Album: Compile photos from various stages of her life, each accompanied by a witty caption or a humorous memory. This album celebrates her journey with a good dose of humor.
  • “Guess Who?” Family Photo Game Book: Make an album where each page covers a family member’s photo with a funny clue or riddle about who they might be. It’s a fun game and a photo album rolled into one.
  • “Young at Heart” Retro Style Album: Style the album with a vintage aesthetic but fill it with recent photos mimicking old poses or trends. This funny twist on then-and-now photos is sure to evoke some laughs.

 funny gifts for grandma
Customized albums with shared moments as funny gifts for grandma.

  • “The Roast of Grandma” Comic Book: Turn her funniest life stories into a comic book, with each family member contributing a piece of artwork or a comic strip. It’s both a funny gift and a creative family project.
  • “Pets and Their Grandma” Portrait Series: Collect photos of grandma posing with various family pets over the years, captioning each image with what the pet might be thinking in a humorous way.
  • “What Was Grandma Cooking?” Recipe Fails Album: Document her less-than-perfect culinary experiments with photos and funny anecdotes about each dish. It’s a humorous way to celebrate her adventures in cooking.
  • “Fashion Forward Grandma” Style Diary: Assemble photos showcasing her most outrageous or trendy fashion moments, adding playful critiques or praises as if it were a high-fashion magazine spread.

Funny Kitchen Gadgets For Grandmother

Funny gifts for grandmother
Funny gifts for grandmother

Here are ten amusing  funny gifts for grandma in terms of kitchen gadgets that will surely bring some fun into your grandmother’s cooking routines:

  • Singing Pasta Timer: These funny gifts for grandma belts out opera tunes when the pasta is perfectly al dente. Not only will it keep your grandmother entertained, but it also ensures no more overcooked spaghetti!
  • Talking Toaster: Imagine a toaster that greets you in the morning! This fun gadget can make breakfast more amusing by throwing out compliments or funny quips about the morning.
  • Nose-Shaped Pepper Grinder: A grinder designed like a nose spices things up with a twist. It’s a funny gift for grandma that’s guaranteed to provoke laughter every time she seasons her dishes.
  • Egg Yolk Separator Shaped Like a Fish: These funny gifts for grandma sucks up yolks, separating them from whites effortlessly while looking like a fish. It’s not only practical but also a cute addition to her kitchen gadget collection.
  • Lazy Spoon Holder: Shaped like a resting little man, this spoon holder clings to the side of pots, holding the spoon ready at all times. It’s a funny grandmother gift that adds a touch of whimsy to her stovetop.

Funny gifts for grandmother
Funny gifts for grandmother

  • ‘Thumbs Up’ Oven Mitts: These mitts look like big cartoon thumbs up, giving a positive vibe every time she pulls something out of the oven. It’s a practical yet funny gift for grandma that cheers her on while she cooks.
  • Moustache Baking Molds: These funny gifts for grandma turn out cakes or cookies shaped like various styles of mustaches. They offer a humorous twist to baking sessions and are sure to spark some giggles.
  • Chattering Teeth Wind-Up Kitchen Timer: Wind this timer up and watch the teeth chatter away the time until it’s ready to alert her. It’s a playful and amusing kitchen accessory that’s far from ordinary.
  • Banana Handle Whisk: With a handle that looks like a banana, this whisk adds a bunch of fun to mixing batters. It’s a quirky and unexpected tool that’s sure to amuse her.

Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Funny Gifts For Grandma

Funny grandmother gifts
Funny grandmother gifts

Here’s a detailed look at the dos and don’ts when selecting funny gifts for grandma from UK Gifts to ensure they are both enjoyable and appropriate:


  • Consider her sense of humor: Recognize what makes her laugh – whether it’s subtle puns, classic humor, or family inside jokes. This ensures that funny gifts for grandma resonate personally and are more likely to be a hit.
  • Personalize the gift: Tailor the funny grandma present to include references to her hobbies, such as gardening, reading, or cooking. For instance, a funny apron with a witty saying about her legendary recipes connects humor with her love for cooking.
  • Balance humor with practicality: Choose funny gifts for grandma that are not only amusing but also useful. A coffee mug with a humorous quote that she can use daily is a perfect example of a gift that combines fun with function.
  • Maintain respect and sensitivity: Ensure that the humor in the gift respects her dignity and feelings. The goal is to make her laugh, not to make her feel undervalued or ridiculed.


  • Avoid cultural insensitivity: Be mindful of her cultural background and beliefs when selecting a funny grandma gift. What is humorous in one culture can be offensive in another, so it’s crucial to respect her heritage and values.
  • Don’t overlook sentimental value: While humor is important, the gift should also have sentimental value. Incorporate elements that show thoughtfulness, such as a custom item that celebrates a significant moment in her life or a family photo turned into a humorous but affectionate piece of art.

By following these guidelines, you can choose funny gifts for grandma that not only bring laughter but also show your deep affection and respect for her.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, choosing funny gifts for grandma is more than just a way to bring a smile to her face – it’s about celebrating her unique personality and the joy she brings to your life. Funny grandma gift not only can lighten up her day but also strengthen the bond you share, making every chuckle a shared treasure.