Adorable Magic with Children’s Christmas Gift Wrap to Spark Joy!

children's christmas gift wrap

Experience the delight of enchanting holiday moments with our curated selection of children’s Christmas gift wrap. As someone who has witnessed the sheer excitement in a child’s eyes when presented with a beautifully wrapped gift, I can assure you that these wraps add an extra layer of enchantment to the holiday festivities.

children's christmas gift wrap (5)
children’s christmas gift wrap (5)

Unwrapping the Essentials: Must-Have Yuletide Gear

As I geared up for the annual tradition of cute gift wrapping for my little nieces and nephews, I laid out all the key supplies I’d need to make the children’s Christmas gift wrap job more seamless.

  • Sturdy, festive paper rolls: Choose gift wrapping that children like such as playful, holiday patterns like Santa Claus faces or frolicking reindeer that will delight the kiddos. Sturdy paper minimizes rips for the best chance of surviving the unwrapping frenzy untouched
  • Variety pack of curly ribbons: Have an assortment of curling ribbons in red, white, green, and gold on hand to customize each gift with coordinated bows or decorative accents. Makes even simple wraps seem specialty.
  • Assorted gift tags: Pick up a variety pack of small gift tags so you can add custom “To:/From:” messages on each present. Let the kids know which ones come with extra love from you!
  • Washi tape galore: Washi tape allows for both form and function when securing folds or adding cheerful holiday tape stripes. So much more festive than plain clear tape!
  • Age appropriate scissors: Ensure safety with rounded scissors designed for kids. Let the young ones feel involved by assisting with taping down awkward corners or ribbons in your children’s Christmas gift wrap.

Locating Top-Notch Supplies in the City

After gathering my essentials, it was time to stock up on the key materials for gift wrapping for children on Christmas morning. I did some searching online to find the best sources for festive, durable papers and ribbons that would spread big smiles when those presents get unwrapped.

  • This gift wrap specialty shop has an entire section dedicated to adorable Christmas prints like Santa faces, elves, snowmen, and more. Their paper is thick enough to hold up well to excited tearing by little kids.
  • When seeking out ribbons, curling bows, and gift tags, Marks and Spencer has an amazing children’s Christmas gift wrap assortment to make every package feel personalized.
  • Gift wrap with ribbon is truly an art form, and Ribbonly offers custom designed holiday prints where the ribbons are already incorporated seamlessly into stylish gift wrap sheets for a polished presentation.

How to Easily Wrap A Lovely Present for Children in 3 Steps

Embrace the festive spirit with our delightful guide on crafting the perfect children’s Christmas gift wrap in just three easy steps. Unravel the magic of holiday joy with each carefully wrapped package!

Step 1: Cut, Fold Wrapping Paper Over and Join Ends

Let’s start, easy but keep it slowly, got it?

  • Begin by cutting the wrapping paper to the perfect size, pulling it tautly over the gift to create a seamless fit.

Step 1
Step 1

  • Adorn with enchantment and use double-sided tape to secure the paper, adding a personal touch with holiday characters or themes.

Pro Tip: Add a personal touch by choosing wrapping paper that reflects the child’s favorite holiday characters or themes. 

Step 2: Close the open ends, fold down, remove excess paper, and seal the other side.

You have the hang of it, I must say, keep going

  • Fold down the top flap with a touch of holiday cheer, creasing along the edges for a neat finish.
  • Trim excess paper and use double-sided tape to secure, creating a charming and secure seal.
  • Enhance the unwrapping experience by adding festive ribbons or bows for an extra dose of merriment.

Step 2 on children's christmas gift wrap
Step 2 on children’s christmas gift wrap
Step 2 on children's christmas gift wrap
Step 2 on children’s christmas gift wrap
Step 2 on children's christmas gift wrap
Step 2 on children’s christmas gift wrap

Pro Tip: Enhance the unwrapping experience by incorporating festive ribbons or bows for an extra dose of merriment.

Step 3: Add More Accessories

Almost there, you are doing good!

  • Place the beautifully wrapped gift face down on a generous length of ribbon, approximately five times the box’s size.
  • Pull the ribbon ends up, creating an elegant width-wise knot, with the right end gracefully crossing over the left.
  • Flip the box over, revealing two ribbon ends of equal length, and weave each end under the existing ribbon.
  • Secure with a double-knot, transforming it into a delightful bow, and mold the loops into a perfect festive shape.
  • Pinch the ribbon ends lengthwise and snip at a 45-degree angle for a charming forked finish.

Step 3 on children's christmas gift wrap
Step 3 on children’s christmas gift wrap
Step 3: Add More Accessories
Step 3: Add More Accessories

Pro Tip: Choose a ribbon that complements your wrapping paper for an extra touch of coordinated elegance.

Your Final Gift Box
Your Final Gift Box

With any luck, this guide has provided some handy tips and resources to help take the frustration out of preparing all those children’s christmas gift wraps. The holidays truly are the most magical time of year for kids, when even the simplest of presents wrapped up with care can leave lasting memories. 

Be sure to bookmark or save this page for reference on the best supplies for gift wrapping success. May your days be merry and bright as you watch the little ones’ faces glow when they open the thoughtfully wrapped gifts from their loved ones on Christmas morning!